Friday, February 20, 2015

Tage Frid chair construct

 I spent three days at Snow College to attend a class taught by Cris Gochner. We constructed this chair, all with hand tools in those three days. In the picture above, you can see the hand cut dovetails that are angled at 9 Deg. The seat to the left is made by hand hewing from a piece that is 1 1/8" in thickness. The seat slopes from the back to the front 1 1/8" to about 5/8". The legs are oval in shape as are the rungs. The legs are splayed 4 deg. to the front and 12 deg. to the right and left. The back leg is 20deg to the rear. It may look awkward, but it actually is quite comfortable.  For more about the designer who passed away in 2004 go to:

Wonderful craftsman! I wish that I had known him.

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