Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chess/ backgammon table

 This is a top view of where the removable chess/backgammon board is housed. I could have just put the board on the top of the drawer guides that you see, but where is the fun in that? These are cherry. The table itself is Quartersawn white oak. The top flower is holly and the flower stem is cherry. The stem is proud of the top and the flower is flush. The bottom flower is Nicaraguan red heart with some sort of yellow wood for the flower center. Again the flower stem is proud of the surface and is cherry. The little dot that you see on each joint is a wooden peg that is driven through offset holes in the mortice and tenon. This draws the joint tight and makes it nearly impossible to come apart.

 Here is a closeup  of the red flower. The border of the chessboard is cherry that is rounded over for comfort. The cross band is mahogany. Then there is a band of ebony and Holly with the chessboard field bordering the holly.
Here is a closeup of the holly flower. The flower petals are sand shaded for contrast.
 This is the table. The pattern at the bottom of the table apron is a modified cloud lift. (arches slightly).
 Each of the two drawers have divided drawers.
Flush ring pull drawers round out the  drawer. The drawer itself has cockbead around the drawer.

Very enjoyable project.

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