Friday, December 26, 2014

Sea Chest for Christmas 2014

 This is a sea chest showing inlaid black eyed susans. The wood was colored pine and the pine soon lost its yellow color. The brighter yellow was osage orange. The remained yellow, so I am not happy with the outcome of this inlay. Karen's favorite flower is the Black eyed susans.

 This picture is a close up of the hand cut dovetails. They are cut at an 8 deg angle. I do not like evenly spaced dovetails, so I make the dovetails with separate spacing.
 This is a picture is a view showing the hemp handle and wood bracket. The wood is holly for the snow and figured walnut for the soil portion of the mountain. Cloud lifts are found on the bottom of all of the chests.

The cherry does not look very good here, but the pansies are nice. The red pansies are holly and Nicaraguan redheart. The yellow are osage orange.

This walnut chest shows stargazer lilies from holly and paudouk. 

This white oak chest is for a daughter that is a nurse practitioner. The medical symbol is cut out and then the black epoxy is added. I have some really nice black ebony on hand, but it is so brittle and difficult to work with that I elected not to use it. 
All of the chests have a solid wood top that is prone to warping. To avoid that, I used what is called a bread board end. There are three tenons that are pegged with a riven pin. The end board has three mortises. The hole in those mortises is offset to the hole that is in the top board that is the tenon. By having them offset, when the riven pin is driven in, it draws the two together tightly. Only the center tenon is glued. This allows for expansion and contraction of the top. 

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