Saturday, May 31, 2014

A place for my hand saws....

 This is a view of my nearly completed saw till. This first picture is of the closed till. If you look at the left of the saw handles, you can see that they are set back into the cabinet box. This will allow me to add another till if the need arises. The till is hinged with continuous hinge on the front of the cabinet.
 This is a picture of the first till opened. This exposes three of my saws.

 This is a picture of the second till open. With this open, I can get to the inner most saws.
This picture shows the two tills when they are spooned together. They are held together with rare earth magnets. I figure that if I add even one more till, I can hold a total of about ten saws.

The cabinet will probably weigh 8 million pounds when I am finished. That is ok. I will be dead so it will be left up to the kids to worry about removal! Ha Ha. 

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