Friday, April 24, 2015

Bow front dresser

I just finished a bowfront dresser for my grandsons. They are currently using an antique that was owned by my late father-in-law. It is made of quartersawn red oak stained with deftoil medium walnut stain and finished with a pre-cat lacquer. 
I made a form and glued up 5 pieces of 1/8" baltic for the fronts and used the vacuum bag to bend. I then added the qsro front. I always use unibond on my glue ups. I also tried for the first time using blu motion slides. They work nice, but are a royal pain in the back side. to install. I guess that if I did more that I could get the hang of it, but I struggled with the slides. All of the drawers dovetails are hand cut. 

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