Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lighting for close work

 I have used articulating lights in the past to assist with giving me enough light to do the marquetry and inlay that I enjoy doing. None of these lights really worked very well. They were either in the way or not where I needed them to be.
 I was laying in the dentists chair when this idea came to me. Why not mount the light onto the ceiling like the dentist's light? The picture to the right is what I came up with. My workbench is about 9' long so I needed a light that would traverse this distance.
 I went to Shopco and purchased an inexpensive skateboard. I took the trucks off of the board and mounted them to the ply that you can see. I then mounted a 1 1/4" dowel as the vertical support. This also allows me to rotate the light 360 deg.

On the lower end of the light, I made this articulating knuckle. The vertical pieces have slots that allow me to raise/lower the light as much as 10".

This is the nearly completed light. I say nearly because I have only the one marquetry on the side of the rotating box. The light works really well and gives me light where I need it for close work.

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