Friday, January 25, 2013

Spice Cabinet inlays

I finished the inlays for six of the seven spice cabinets that I built in December. The first door uses burnt maple for the climbing guy and hard rock maple for the mountain. The image stands proud of the door surface and the white maple is sculpted to make the cracks look more realistic.

 The "N" is soft maple. (I think). I began cutting on my new Laguna band saw and just everything I could find. Really fun!

The lotus flower uses mahogany, soft maple, persimmon, and holly. There may be more because the lotus has at least 17 pieces. The stem is burnt maple.
 The "M"is Bubinga, Lotus is bloodwood, leaves are persimmon. 
 The top bleeding heart flowers (Peristeria Elata) are made from blood wood. The stem is made from Bacote.  The Holy Spirit flower (Dicentra spectabilis) is made from about 17 different types of wood. The stem is made from burnt maple.

The "S" is Bacote and the ginko leaves are made from holly and some other wood that I do not know. Tulip wood makes up the leaves on the top. Hope that you enjoy.

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  1. The Holy Spirit flower is my favorite! That's amazing, not sure I'd have the patience for a leaf let alone an entire door! Well done my friend!