Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Just finished a few more projects. Actually, I got the flu in early Dec. and was unable to do the inlay for the 7 spice cabinet doors. I will post pics of the doors after I finish of the inlay.
These are the six cherry spice cabinets and one quarter sawn white oak. The interior dividers are edged in walnut and the white wood is curly maple. The fronts were laminated onto a poplar core and a walnut back.
The QSWO has a center drawer with a veneer of Madagascar ebony. The oak cabinet was my

prototype and I goofed the center cut so I had to make s separate one.

 This shows the front of the cabinet. There is a hidden drawer in the back of the cabinet. This small drawer was flocked with red flocking. This meant that there were 12 drawers/cabinet. 84 total drawers! Because I wanted the grain to remain sequential, keeping all of these fronts in order was a real trick.
 This is a shot of one of the dividers. I free handed the curve of the front of the dividers.

 There were carcass parts and drawer parts everywhere. The carcass parts were hand cut dovetailed together. Everything was glued using hot hide glue. If you have never used hot hide glue, you are missing out. It is great to use. I have even gotten used to the smell.
 This shows some of the interior being glued.
 I do not like the traditional spice cabinet bases. I am very partial to Craftsman style so I made the top trim using a plow plane and a #7 hand plane. The bottom trim was made with a bandsaw and router
 This is the template that I used to make the could lift.
 This is a picture of the back. The back is made to lift and push off to expose the 12th drawer and narrow hidden spot.
 I was beginning to start to breath at this point. They were actually beginning to come together.

This is the stack of drawers waiting for pre-cat finishing. The cherry cabinets were treated with sodium hydroxide to chemically make the cherry red. Over time the cherry would change to the same color but who can wait?
The QSWO is stained with a medium walnut stain. to match all of the other furniture that it will be with.
The shear number of drawers, sides, trim, etc. drove me to near insanity, but it was an enjoyable project.
The solid brass hinges were purchased from Crown City Hardware in California. They seem to be extremely good quality. The porcelain knobs are belwith and were purchased from multiple sources because of the shear number needed.
Hope you enjoy!

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