Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2nd workbench for Ian

I just finished the second workbench for my second son. It is pretty much identical to the first bench that I finished last month.You can see that one below.

 I then use the controlled depth cut on the sliding compound to waste the dovetails.

I made a jig to make the dovetail flat and not take too long. I left the depth shallow and used a Stanley 190 to finesse the fit.  

Final fitting was done with a chisel.
Here is the result with the assembled bench with the center section filled in solid.  

Here is the bench with the center flipped over to the tray format.

This bench design is really usable with the clamping enabled from the center with the removal of the trays. I had a new end vise that I had purchased years ago but never used. I think that it will serve him well. He will have to buy and install the leg vise.

Thanks for looking.


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  1. Super nice benches, McKay. I'm planning to use tusk tenons on the long stretchers, too, and was considering driving the wedges in horizontally as you did. How do they hold up when you're handplaning a board? Do they keep the bench rigid?