Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tool cabinet side

I am starting my personal plane cabinet. I have about 25 planes and I need a central place to store them. The case needs to be closed to the dust and the moisture of the shop but at the same time I want to readily see them and to show them. The cabinet exterior will be walnut. The writing is Japanese and means woodworking teacher. The writing is in Yew (I think). On the opposite side I plan on putting some line and berry inlay. I have about 3 hours into the inlay. The door will be glass. So far, the plan is to have the cabinet 4' tall and about 30" wide. We will see what the winds of change may dictate. Because this is a personal project, I will work on it as I can. I still need to work on a side board, Tansu cabinet, work bench top for a mechanic friend, and an office for a client. It may be awhile until it is finished.

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