Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer activities

The summer has been very busy for Karen and I . As soon as school was out we drove to Twin Falls to see Ty and Melissa's new little girl Josie. (We spent a week with them in August at Lake Powell. Josie is such a good baby. I was able to hold her a few times, but McKaela, (my grand daughter), was always trying to hold her. She LOVES babies. ) When we got back from Twin in June we flew to Virginia to see our new grandson Marcus. It was really good to see all of the McCoys and all of us had a great time getting to know Marcus. Again, McKaela was just totally baby hungry and would hold Marcus 24/7 if we let her. (she flew back with us.) The McCoys will live with us here until they decide what to do with housing. It would be ok with Karen and I if they just stayed here the whole time that Beau is in school and saved their money. However, there is only two rooms for the 4 of them. We spent a good part of the summer painting, patching, re-painting and sheet rocking in order to even have two decent rooms for them to use. They need an entire house just for Makenzi's toys.

On the 7th of August, we were able to pick up Tiffany, Mike and our new grand daughter Quinn  from the airport. Quinn is such a beautiful little girl. She is active and will fit into the family very nicely. It took nearly 5 years for the adoption to go through, but she is such a cutie, that she is well worth the wait. 
This year, only Ty, Melissa, Cadin, McKaela, Kyler and a family friend Cam were able to go to Lake Powell. For the first part of the week, the weather was rather cool and it rained pretty good on us. Thursday was better and Friday was a day that was a typical Powell day. Warm, dry and the water great.

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