Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm a slacker

I have been very busy in the shop, but I just have not had the desire to post pictures of the projects that I have completed. I retired on May 28th of 2010. The last day of school, the Vice-Principal informed me that my parting gift to the school was to re-build the podium. This is the completed podium. The darker wood is walnut and the lighter wood is cherry. When I delivered the podium the secretaries were very complimentary. The administration was not at the school at the time. I wrongly assumed that they would at least call and thank me for my free labor. I should have known that they would not. Typical of poor administration is the hubris displayed by them.

I was also able to complete a "Safe" cabinet. My neighbor had a floor safe that he wanted to cover so that it was not as ugly as it is by itself.

I also have another cabinet that I am currently doing for another neighbor. This is an Asian styled gun cabinet. It will have a 12 long gun capacity, cleaning supplies and pistol storage. Pictures to follow. 


  1. I think the podium looks nice.
    I hope the wood wasn't free for the school even though the labor was. If not I would send a nice bill or go get the gave enough to that school!

  2. Does the cab just sit over the safe or slide into it. Any how they both look good.