Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New babies coming out of the wood work

We  went to Ty's and Melissa's house to see Josie and enjoyed our time with her. She is a beautiful little thing and is really a good baby. That was in May. On the 7th of June, we flew out to Virginia to see Cassi, Beau, MaKenzi and the new baby Marcus. He is also healthy and is a good looker like his grandfather.

Don't let the picture fool you! He gets colic every day about 4 and keeps Cassi up till the wee hours.

 This little one is just a total doll. She certainly has everyone wrapped around her fingers.

 This is a picture of our latest granddaughter Quinn Ming Profsky. Tiffany and Mike will pick her up in China sometime in July or August. Quinn was born in Nov. 20th 2009. As you can see, Quinn is very cute and we are all very excited to add this little special child to our family.

Karen is not about to let my retirement let me get lazy. We have refinished one room in the basement and are well into fixing a second room. Ian used the room and ventilated the walls a number of times with rather large holes and a royal blue paint that  would have taken 20 gallons of primer to cover. We decided to just re-sheet rock the entire room. I just finished the second coat of drywall mud today. Painting will begin next week.

In the shop I am building a podium for the high school that I no longer work for. I was informed by the vice principal that it would be my "going away gift" to the school. I am also started on a gun cabinet for my neighbor and a cabinet that covers a safe for another neighbor. I hope I get all of the projects done before I kick the bucket. 

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