Sunday, June 23, 2013

Finished sewing cabinet w/ calla lily

 In a post below, I posted the beginnings of the inlay that is to the left. There are usually about nine pieces of wood /flower. These three were super imposed on each other and then "let in" to the cherry top.

The cabinet can be seen to the right. The inlay can be seen in its centered position on the top. The top is cherry with a walnut border. The left top is hinged with double hinged sewing cabinet hinges and is supported when the left door is swung open. The right top flips to the the front of the cabinet and is supported by the right door being opened to a 90deg.

This is a close up of the handles. Although not a calla lily  leaf, I felt that it was appropriate for the lily inlay.
 When the left door is opened, it exposes these five drawers. They have a maple front with a walnut stem navigating its way to the top. The finger pulls are off set to match the walnut stem.
 This is the left side of the cabinet. Although different in color, the panel and the stiles and rails are all cherry. The trim is walnut with a cloud lift design in the sides and front.
 This is a fully open view of the cabinet. The knee hole shows more of the cloud lift motif. The sewing machine sits on the maple piece that can be seen. The mechanism allows the machine to be free arm, flush with the work surface, and totally buried. On the picture below, you can just see part of the mech. on the left of the picture. This would be the bottom most position of the sewing machine.
This is a view of the right side drawer and shelf. The reverse stem is carried over into this drawer front that is walnut with a maple stem. The shelf shows more of the cloud lift design and the cloud can just barely be seen in the walnut trim on the bottom.

Hope that you enjoy seeing these pictures. This cabinet was fun to make.

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