Monday, May 20, 2013

Calla lili

On this picture, you will see the drawing of the calla lily. I first find an image of a flower that I want. I then enter that image into a program called "BigPrint". This program allows me to size the picture to what ever I want. The program also will wash out all of the color when printing to save ink. In this case, I did three flowers and traced them one at a time into the position that was pleasing to me. The wood that you see is placed under the tracing paper and the start of the flower drawn on the wood. As each piece is finished, a second...third..etc is added. If you look closely at the wood, you will see five different pieces of wood that begin the right flower. I am getting faster, but making the flower and inlaying the flowers took about 6 hours.
I used maple (Acer Saccharum), soft maple Acer rubrum), some yellow stuff (?) bubinga (Guibourtia demeusei), and Honduran red heart (Meoma ventricosa).

This is the top for a sewing cabinet that I am doing for a friend. More pictures to follow after completion.

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