Sunday, January 16, 2011

new jig

I have had quite a problem working in the shop because of back spasms. To help with this problem, I have considered raising my workbench, but then I would not be able to use it by the table saw. I have read a re-write of an early 1800s book describing workbenches and working at those benches. I do not always need to hand dovetail, but when I do, I suffer from the spasms. This jig is clamped to the table and raises the work 6". It has really helped the work situation. 

Here is a not-yet-finished nightstand for Kelsey. It will still need to be clear coated. The cherry legs will "pop" when the finish is applied. The cabinet will have a drawer and a door. The drawers are built but the door will be completed tomorrow. The top is stone with an open space below the top. There are two of these, and they were built to match Kelsey and Steve's bed and dresser that was built for their wedding gift

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