Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas projects

I subscribe to a magazine called "American Bungalow". The mag. had a picture of similar tables from the early 1900s. I guessed at the sizes and constructed four of these "lamp tables". The bottom book area rotates on a lazy susan. The wood is beautiful quarter sawn white oak. The legs pierce the top and are pillowed. There are a few variations of these legs. I did not care for the triangular shape that some of the tables had so I pillowed the tops of the legs. Under the rotating book area the cross members are dressed with a "cloud lift". The cloud lift is common on many of the arts and crafts styled pieces.

 This couch table was built using walnut for the legs and aprons and Sapele for the field. the bow front was laminated alder and a veneer of walnut on the front. The walnut veneer is highly figured with tiger stripes or fiddle back or what ever name you want to call it. Around the field is a black 1/8" strip of ebonized walnut. Walnut will turn very black if exposed to acetic acid (strong vinegar) and iron. Ebony itself is expensive, difficult to bend and difficult  to get in lengths for the bow front.

This table was made the same way with the ebonized walnut but the legs and aprons were made of white oak. The front apron was a highly figured white oak and the center field was fiddle back maple. The legs of all of the cabinets were mortised into the legs. In the case of the lamp tables, the lower legs were through mortised. The bow front apron was attached using an angle drilled loose tenon system.

The youngest child got short changed this Christmas. I just barely got started on her night stand. The stands will have cherry legs and walnut casework. The top will be acid treated cement. Pictures will follow this next week after completion of the stand.

Retirement has been grand! I can honestly tell you that I have enjoyed the time in the shop and I do not miss the school.

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  1. Thanks dad! Even though you didn't finish I'm very excited about getting it! And everything you make for us is so amazing! Thank you Daddy!