Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kathy and Randy's Kitchen

I built this kitchen for my nephew and his wife. They built a beautiful home and wanted to have a cherry kitchen. It was a lot of fun to build for them. I also built a mantle from walnut to hold Kathy's bear collection.

This is what the room looked like before the install.

Knotty cherry was used. The cabinets were staggered front to back and up and down. This was determined by  the position of the microwave, stove and fridge. There were glass doors above the dishwasher.

Here is the bear mantle. It is difficult from this picture to get the scale of this thing. The fireplace is HUGE!. The mantle is  about at the six foot level. At least this way, Kathy can "bear all". For a kitchen, this was a fun job. I swore that Randy and Kathy were going to be the last ones that I would do a kitchen for. But......sister Linda called and I ended up doing hers.


  1. I KNEW you loved every minute of it! HAHA You need to include pics of the bathroom cabinets that you did for us, too! They are so very beautiful! I love, Love, LOVE the cabinets and the mantle! You are one amazing man and I can't wait until you do the next project for us! ;) (you know you want to!!!!!)

    Hey, by the way.....THANK YOU!!!!! We could never repay you for the wonderful job you did for our home!!!!!!!

  2. Hey this is Alyssa Lybbert. I used to be in your woodworking class at Orem high. I was the crazy one ;) I'm getting married and I wanted to send you an invite. Please email me at