Sunday, August 30, 2009

Installing Linda's kitchen

On Friday the 28th I picked up Cadin, my grandson, Karen, my sweetie and went to Idaho to install the kitchen that I built for sister, Linda. On the way Ty called and said that he was coming to help. Ty really knows what he is doing and so his help was invaluable. After reaching Blackfoot, I built the toe kicks for the install the next day. Ty arrived at about 8am and we had most of the uppers in by 10:30. The lowers went in well with the exception that there were NO wall studs on the sink wall. I have no idea how this home was ever inspected and passed framing by the city of Blackfoot. Ty helped move the phone and some other electrical stuff. He was a fantastic help. Because of his work, we were packed up and finished by 4 pm. I installed almost all of the crown. I only shot a pin through my finger once.

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