Monday, October 28, 2013

 I became bored doing the tool cabinet and the lap desk so I thought that I would make this box for my son. It is made almost entirely by hand tools. I cut his name on my 30" general scroll saw. All of the panels, moldings and dovetails are made by using my hand tools. The molding planes were very satisfying to use.
This picture is of the raw box.
 This is a picture of the green milk paint. I let it dry and then it was sanded with 600 grit paper.
This is a picture of the red milk paint over the green. I then sanded the box with 600 grit paper and then painted the box with black milk paint.
 Here is a picture of the interior with the sliding till. I did not finish the inside to reduce odors.

You can see the black color of the box. Buffing the colors will cause some of the green and red to come out making the box to look older.

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