Saturday, September 22, 2012

New tool wall

I took out my old tool cabinet that was not very usable and had the wall rocked. After rocking, I covered the wall with some pine that I had re-sawed to make the shop look nicer. 
 Picture two shows the wall covered and the heater re-mounted. I plan on removing this heater in the near future and have a ceiling hanging unit. I need the wall space. This has been a great heater. It is ventless and very comfortable. However, it does not have the capacity to have a thermostat.
 Here is a picture with the new cabinet installed. Next week I will begin to build the inside of the cabinet.
Not a good picture, but you can see the marquetry/veneer/inlay work that I want to show to potential customers.

When the doors are open, then the inlay can be seen.

Here is the inlay of leaves, (cedar), and holly stems. 
Because I taught wood working for 31 years, I inlaid this kanji indicating a wood working teacher.

Hope that you enjoy.

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