Sunday, June 17, 2012

New tool cabinet

I have completed the doors and case for a new tool cabinet.

The case is black lacquered birch ply. The doors are 5" deep walnut that were hand dovetailed and I made up the panels with veneer.

The eye took about 20 or 30 pieces to make. I then let it in to some walnut veneer that I had.
The flower is some sort of water flower. It has about 20 pieces that were sand shaded. The green leaves and black boarder were veneer that was purchased from Paul Schurch web site.

My children bought the string inlay tools for me a year or so ago and I finally took the time to teach myself to do a small amount of string inlay.
Here is the right side with the inlay completed.

The leaves are cedar and the string is holly. I inlaid ebony at the start of each branch. I found that ebony does not play well.
I spent some time (40 years ago so don't ask if I can translate.) in Japan and learned some Kanji. This kanji means wood shop teacher. (I retired 2 years ago)

This next picture is an inlay of holly. It is a combination of the first letter of my name and my wife's name. When I still taught, I went to the metal shop and made a brand that looks like this. If I like the piece, I brand it. If I do not like the piece, I just hope that it will fade away and never be linked to me.

Yes, I know that it is fancier than a tool box should be, but I practice on my stuff and then I can do the work on client projects. Plus, I can write the cost off as a display. The panels were all glued up on scrap ply using my vacuum bag. I rebuilt the system with a new electric pump. I had used a venturi system that worked very well, but it tied up my compressor during the clamp time. I use unibond 800 to glue the veneer.

The real work will be to start putting the chisels, saws, and planes where they will best be usable in the doors and case. I have taken many ideas from this site and others to try and match which will best meet my needs. I have not counted the number of planes, but these are some of the ones that will go into the cabinet.

Thanks for looking.

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