Friday, February 4, 2011

I took a class from Chris Gochner last week and we built this saw horse along with a shaker step stool. We used the saw horse to help prepare the cherry for the shaker step stool. This horse is finished with terra cotta, green and then black milk paint. The final coat was pre-cat-lacquer.  The legs were cut down and finished with hand planes. The top was sized with hand planes. I used a draw knife to distress the edges to give it that "used" look. Brace and bit were used to drill the holes for the legs. A bung hole reamer was use to taper the hole and the leg was secured with a wedge.

This cherry step stool was dressed using hand planes. It was sawed to length on the saw horse above. The dovetails were all hand cut. The shakers generally had an arch at the bottom of the side. I do not care for the look, so I added what is an arts and crafts detail instead. It is called a cloud lift. If you look at older posts, you will see the cloud lift in a better view. The finish is natural cherry. It will take a few months to turn to a deep beautiful red. The cherry has numerous coats of pre-cat-lacquer for durability.

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