Friday, April 9, 2010

spring break 2010

We left on Tuesday the 6th for a few days of spring break. We decided to go to St. George for a few days. We went to the St. George temple on Tuesday afternoon. It was really nice. The rooms are very beautiful. The furniture in the Celestial room was really beautiful. Much nicer than the painted stuff that you see at Timpanogoes.
On Wed. we went to Brigham Young's winter home. It was nice to see. There were a few older pieces of furniture that were interesting but somewhat course. (not what I expected) After the BY home,  we went to the tabernacle. The tabernacle was interesting and very nicely restored. It amazes me that the saints lived in wagons, tents and whatever but when the Prophet asked them to build a temple and meeting place they made these beautiful buildings.
   After the tabernacle, we went and viewed the Jacob Hamblin home. This also was interesting, but the original methods of construction were not followed when the home was restored. (saw cuts on the boards) (Karen is laughing at me about this, but if you are going to depict something as restored, then it should be restored correctly.)
    After this home we went to Snow Canyon. This is a state park and is really something to see. We hiked all over the place. Karen tried to abuse me as you can see. These little cacti are REALLY sharp. We crawled to the top of a number of rock mountains. This was really beautiful. The temperature was perfect for hiking.

We found some lava tubes and of course, Karen had to go down inside of the tubes mouth. You can just see her in the center right of the picture. I took the picture and then went inside. The cavern goes back a long ways. We did not have flashlights but some kids that did have flashlights said that the tube went in another 100+ feet.

At this point we were both tired so we went back to St. George and took in a movie. The next day we decided to hike to what is called the WhiteRocks. Mountain goat Karen decided that following the trail was not fun so we hiked up what looks like Elephant skin.  (If you look real close, you will see Karen near the center of the picture. ) We hiked to the top of these white rocks and the scenery was really something.
The picture to the left is Karen showing the peak where we hiked. It may not look like much, but it was.

After WhiteRock we traveled on highway 18 and ended up at Mountain Meadow. This is the location where a fairly large number of the Baker wagon train were murdered by local people. (Mostly from the Cedar City area.) Everyone that was old enough to bring witness against the murderers, were killed at the time. Very young children were adopted out to area families. I believe that eventually all of these kidnapped children were eventually returned to relatives.  Why were they murdered? Many books have been written about the subject. Very sad day. If you research this subject, be sure and read unbiased accounts. There have been many accounts written that's sole purpose is to smear the people of the area and the Mormon church.

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